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Best Dog Grooming in Pompano Beach 

What can we do to make this your dog's best groom ever? 
Give us a call 
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About Me

- Holistic & Organic Everything

- Fear/force-free, we respect your dog!

- The best bathing water! Sunny Paw's Anespa water filter makes certified medical grade purified, ionized, mineral-rich water for healthy skin, fewer tangles & less shedding

- Master Groomer Certified Dog Groomers in Pompano Beach!

Call us at 954-789-2281 to schedule an appointment 


Certified Master Groomers & Organic Products

Call us at 954-789-2281 to schedule an appointment 


Living Water Holistics

We are proud to use Enagic products to provide your dog with the best & safest bath water & cleaning products. Dogs at Sunny Paw are washed in medical-grade purified mineral water made with the Anespa shower filter.  The Kangen K8 water ionizer makes our non-toxic healing disinfectants, beauty water & drinking water with endless health benefits. Click here for more info about these life-changing water ionizers 

Groomed Dog

Bubble Bath

A fresh, clean coat is so cuddly! Dogs are washed with our Anespa, purified, spa-quality mineral water & organic products. The results are long-lasting and marvelous!

A warm towel is waiting for each dog at the end of their bath.

Bubble Bath includes nail trim, blow dry & ear cleaning. Please call for a breed-specific quote. 

Trimming the Fur


From short & smooth to long & fluffy our certified master groomers will listen to your needs so your pup can have a hairstyle that you love! Haircut services include everything in the bath service plus a haircut. Please call for a breed-specific quote. 


Add something special to your pups' grooming services!

Upgrades are $7 each

or bundle three together for $17

Call us at 954-789-2281 to schedule an appointment 

dog teeth brush.jpg


We use a green tea foam to loosen up the plaque, then a good scrubbing with a toothbrush & 4-legger tooth powder

Dog Spa

Berry Facial

Dog faces have scent glands that can need extra cleaning. Our Berry Facial deep cleans with berry clove essential oils in a sugar scrub. Long lasting scent, no fake perfumes



Its like a lotion for the skin & coat. The moisture adds softness & shine, prevents tangles & repels dirt while nourishing & protecting your dogs skin & hair

Woman Embracing Dog

Odor Destroyer

Stronger than bleach but safe enough to drink, 2.5 HOCI! This miracle water is an unscented odor neutrilizer, it kills  bacteria that causes smells 

Dog giving a high five

Diamond Nail File

Our diamond encrusted nail file gets your dogs nails shorter, less sharp & lasts longer than just a trim

Bulldog Scratching

Medicated/Itch Soak

This soak contains yucca, peppermint, tea tree & soothing oils. It kills bacteria & stimulates your dogs body to relesase its own cortisol for long lasting itch relief


Feather Extensions

Adorable colored feathers are clasped into your pups fur with extension beads. Long lasting and so cute!

Nail Polish

Nail Pawlish

Glam up your pup with some pet safe pawlish

itchy flea dog.jpg

Bug Repellant

Scare away bugs with pet safe bug spray. Peppermint & eugenol repel and kill fleas, ticks, eggs, larve & mosquitos. Safe to use in combo with other preventatives 

Chihuahua Bath

Pain Soothing Soak

Sore muscles & joints can get instant relief with our Arnica & 11.5 ph water (natural alternative to epsom salt) soak. This combo is a natural way to provide comfort for senior dogs & athletic pups 

Peeping Dog

Bright Coat Enhancer

Our coat enhancer removes  build up & clarifies your pups fur to make white brighter and dark coats shine

Other Services 
Call us at 954-789-2281 to schedule an appointment 

Sunny Paw Gallery

Sunny Paw Client Agreement 


My pet(s) is up to date with the rabies vaccine. I understand that keeping my pet up to date on the rabies vaccine is required by state law. I agree to wait for the 3-day grace/reaction period after any vaccinations before bringing my dog for grooming.


Pet is not sick or under sedation 

I have informed Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. of any illness or injury my pet(s) has. Sunny Paw Parlor does not perform services to any animals with any illnesses or health concerns. Sunny Paw is not responsible for any aggravation of health conditions or illnesses. We do not service pets under any kind of sedation. 


Pet is not aggressive

Pets must be cooperative with all services. Sunny Paw does not use restraints or muzzles. We do not groom aggressive pets. Pet guardians are responsible for any injuries incurred to Sunny Paw employees and patrons due to their pet's behavior. 


Right to refuse services & Senior Pets  

Sunny Paw has the right to refuse or discontinue service for any reason necessary, including but not limited to aggressive behavior (from the pet or pet parent), excessive barking, and age (senior pets are at a higher risk for heart attack, seizure, stroke, and death). If a senior pet shows any signs of stress, services will be immediately discontinued. We want to keep your pet safe, comfortable, and alive. 


Assumption of risk

I (pet guardian) acknowledge that there are inherent risks involved when my dog is being groomed (scraped, skin irritation, shampoo/product reaction, ear infections, eye irritation, self-inflicted injury, dog bites, scratches, illnesses, etc.). I accept these risks. I will not hold Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. liable for any personal injury/illness to myself or my dog incurred in or around Sunny Paw Parlor Inc.


Remaining reachable while we have your pet

Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. staff will do everything within our power to keep your pet comfortable and safe. I understand that in the event of an emergency, Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. will contact me immediately. I will remain available for contact in case of emergency during my pets' stay at Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. I understand that in the event an emergency arises, due to fault or no fault of Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. I (pet guardian) will be responsible for transporting my dog to the vet. Sunny Paw staff does not transport dogs to the vet. 

Keep in mind, that our scissors and clipper blades are sharp. There is any number of accidents and injuries that can happen during a grooming visit. Please weigh the risks of grooming versus the benefits of professional grooming before deciding to leave your dog with us. Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. is a groom-at-your-own-risk salon. Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. does not cover any medical bills for any injuries or illnesses. 


Extra work results in additional charges

Extra charges will apply if your pet has parasites, excessive matting, or needs special handling.


Pick up your dog before closing

Your dog must be picked up by the time we close. Dogs left at Sunny Paw Parlor Inc. after closing will be surrendered to animal control as required by law. If a groomer can wait for late arrival, a fee of $3 per min will be applied to your bill. 


*To check on your dog, please call instead of stopping in, dogs can get too excited to finish


We hold the appointment slot just for you, if you can not make it please cancel with at least a 24-hour notice so we have time to fill the appointment slot. Late arrivals past 15 min. are considered a no-show/canceled appointment. The fee for same-day cancellations, no-shows, & late appointments is $25 per dog. 

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